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Many charities operate in the social care sector, providing vital public services that are funded through contracts with local or national government and/or the NHS. They share challenges with the broader care sector, particularly those of squeezed funding, staff shortages and rapidly rising costs.

Surviving on a series of short term contracts is tough too. If the size of the workforce remains static and demand continues to accelerate as forecast, individual productivity is the key challenge that charities will have to overcome. Long term technology investment can be difficult when contracts are short term and capital is generally in short supply.

How can technology help?

The starting point is having a manageable infrastructure, with consolidated systems, consistent data, and strong cyber security.

The best commercial model is consumption-based pricing, which scales up and down according to demand so you are only paying for what you use, and can avoid capital purchases of technology altogether. The ability to tool up and down at will can swiftly and smoothly support on and off-boarding of service contracts.

Using data and predictive tools could help to put the right person in the right place at the right time, reducing time wasted through inefficient scheduling, delays and repeated visits. Artificial Intelligence (AI) could remove some of the less crucial person-on-person interactions, the form-filling, simple diagnosis of needs or signposting, allowing processes to be streamlined.

We’re always ahead of the curve and rapidly developing our capabilities, increasing our investment in our in-house skill set and building more of the right partnerships, to help you meet the challenges you face.

What we do

Our team has decades of experience in delivering complex, challenging projects that help our clients do business better. We have the right skills and capabilities to work with you as technology evolves, supporting your changing business, delivering tailored IT solutions and adding value as your trusted technology partner.

ITPS value

Underpinning these emerging capabilities, every organisation needs a secure, scalable, sustainable and optimised IT infrastructure, providing the best possible balance of cost and performance.

That’s our stock in trade. First we take away the headache of running the day to day service. And then we delve deeper and advise you on how and where technology can help address the thornier issues you face, and work with you to implement practical solutions.

We know how hard it is for you to run a small IT department in-house. It means attracting the right people, providing continuous training, and retaining them in a fast-moving, high-risk world. We’re the outsourced IT department for several major charities, which rely absolutely on our ability to deliver the right services at the right cost. Talk to us about doing it for you too.

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ITPS's innovative IT solutions have revolutionised operations for a number of our valued clients. Discover how our tailored services have streamlined processes, boosted efficiency, and empowered our clients to deliver superior services to their customers.


As problem solvers, we work with all types and sizes of organisation, with a proven record of success across many sectors including public sector, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and not for profit. We look forward to finding out how we can help you too.

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Our team has decades of experience, and we want to share it with you. Keep up to date with the latest happenings across the world of technology, from business developments and expert insights to case studies and wider updates from our team on the latest in cyber security, product development and best practice.

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Our people make us what we are. We look for the best and support them with continuous professional development and brilliant benefits.  If you want to work with great people on innovative projects in a lively and inclusive culture, we’d like to hear from you.

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