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Cyber security

We’re experts at minimising the risks of cybercrime, and can help you turn a necessity into a virtue 

Is your cyber security as robust as it needs to be? Are you confident that your plan for recovering from attack will work? Our consultants can assess all aspects of your security posture, giving simple, prioritised, supplier-independent and realistic advice about what else you may need to do. 

Cybercriminals are indiscriminate, preying on the vulnerable. It’s a ruthless business, now larger than the global drugs trade and backed by the same bad actors. It’s an existential threat - some 60% of small businesses go bust within six months of a data breach.  

Having excellent security can be a real competitive differentiator. When choosing a lawyer or an accountant, a supplier or even a school, if clients don’t ask about cyber security arrangements now, they soon will.  

Being secure comes from doing IT in the right way, including patching and maintenance, user training, multi-factor authentication, zero-trust network architectures. Those are the locks on the doors and the bars on the windows. Then you need a Security Operations Centre to monitor everything, watching for unusual patterns of behaviour: the equivalent of alarms, cameras and security guards.  

It’s not just about crime prevention. Whatever precautions you take there’s always a chance that the criminals will get in. At that point your recovery plan is key. How will you rapidly re-build your systems, communicate with your staff, clients and the market, avoid paying a ransom and get back to normal? 

Security Operations Centre

Cybercrime is on the rise and with reports showing the average time to simply detect a breach in 2023 is over 200 days, you need to be able to identify an incident and have expertise on hand to contain and recover from the event as quickly as possible.

Our 24/7 Security Operations Centre can monitor your infrastructure, alert you to any unusual activity as soon as it’s detected, and work with you to limit the impact.


We’re highly certified, very experienced cyber security experts. We have real world experience of cyber-crime in all its forms. We work closely with the police and with insurance companies as well as with our customers, combatting the risks and dealing with the consequences of this dreadful, burgeoning trade. 

We provide the services to protect your organisation, to monitor what is happening in real time and, should it come to it, to recover from a successful cyber-attack. Having the expertise, the investment in AI systems, the most up to date picture of threats and a set of highly capable and motivated people is the minimum requirement for ITPS to provide these services.  


Our Security Operations Centre is, in many cases, an extension of our management of our customers’ IT estates, so having identified risks it often falls to us to fix them too. Having a single point of responsibility simplifies the picture for our customers. 

When we speak to our customers, they tell us that what they most value is our commitment to them. They know that we’ll be standing with them at what might be the most difficult moment in their organisation’s history.  Our teams will do whatever it takes to prevent, detect and recover from these crimes. We’ll be there on the midnight calls and we’ll still be there until it’s all fixed. 

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As problem solvers, we work with all types and sizes of organisation, with a proven record of success across many sectors including public sector, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and not for profit. Speak to us today to find out how we can help you too!

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