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Legal And Financial


In the domains of finance and law, we understand the challenges of finding the perfect balance between client service quality, compliance, risk management, data privacy and operational efficiency.

Meeting those challenges within sectors that must comply with stringent regulations from bodies including the Financial Conduct Authority and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, only increases the pressure on your team. 

Add those requirements to a post-Brexit landscape, an era of digital transformation, and escalating cyber-crime risks, and you’re up against some significant challenges in your bid to innovate, manage costs effectively, and simultaneously maintain the highest standards of service, compliance and confidentiality.

How can technology help?

A robust and advanced technological infrastructure is a powerful ally in this changing landscape. You need integrated systems and comprehensive cyber security measures to keep client and business data safe. Imagine harnessing the real, tangible tools of automation and AI to protect your operations, reduce human error, and enhance decision-making capabilities.

Cloud computing offers scaleable, flexible solutions essential for adapting to fluctuating demands. Advanced analytics provide a window into market trends and client behaviour, enabling better risk management and personalised service offerings. In this tech-driven era, our focus is on ensuring that your technology investments are not only secure and compliant but also yield clear, measurable returns.

What we do

Our team has decades of experience in delivering complex, challenging projects that help our clients in financial and legal services do business better. In many cases we have stepped in to help organisations recover from cyber-attack, rebuilding and then managing their systems to be much more secure. We have the right skills and capabilities to work with you as technology evolves, supporting your changing business, delivering tailored IT solutions and adding value as your trusted technology partner.

ITPS value

With over two decades of delivering intelligent technology services to legal and financial organisations of all sizes, we truly understand how to help you harness the power of the right technology mix. One that will help you streamline processes and operations, improve real-time decision making, securely handle large amounts of highly sensitive data, and maintain compliance in the face of changing regulations.

Our expertise can support you in your drive to consistently deliver smooth and effective client experiences, which in turn lead to strong business relationships.

Modern professional services firms must adapt to stay ahead in a highly competitive market. Service is the differentiator, and that relies on a tech partner that balances availability with security, and solutions that deliver long term best value for money. We’re not just tech experts, we’re solvers of business problems, and we can help you solve yours.

Featured case studies

ITPS's innovative IT solutions have revolutionised operations for a number of our valued clients. Discover how our tailored services have streamlined processes, boosted efficiency, and empowered our clients to deliver superior services to their customers.


As problem solvers, we work with all types and sizes of organisation, with a proven record of success across many sectors including public sector, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and not for profit. We look forward to finding out how we can help you too.

Latest insights

Our team has decades of experience, and we want to share it with you. Keep up to date with the latest happenings across the world of technology, from business developments and expert insights to case studies and wider updates from our team on the latest in cyber security, product development and best practice.

Career opportunities

Our people make us what we are. We look for the best and support them with continuous professional development and brilliant benefits.  If you want to work with great people on innovative projects in a lively and inclusive culture, we’d like to hear from you.

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