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Security Operations Centre

SOC as a service

You can think of your cyber-security actions, such as multi-factor authentication, user training and regular patching, as the locks on the doors and the bars on the windows. These are the vital priorities in cyber security and you might decide that they are enough to encourage the criminals to move on to easier targets.

Truly robust security comes from taking the next step. A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is like the alarms, cameras and security guards: actual eyes on your environment 24 hours per day.


Our AI systems will collate and assess thousands of events every second, gathered from across your network and systems in real time. Any unusual patterns are flagged up for our staff to investigate. In many cases the explanations will be benign and no action will be needed, but occasionally we will find and react to the early signs of malicious activity.

We keep up to date with emerging threats, comply with UK and international cyber-security standards, including ISO27001, and employ a team of certified experts to monitor your environment.

By being constantly vigilant, our SOC maximises your chances of nipping cyber-attacks in the bud.

Incident Response

But the SOC doesn’t reduce the risk of attack to zero, not quite.

If the worst was to happen, our team will kick your Recovery Plan into operation, a plan which we will already have tested together. You will be focused on communication, with your staff, your clients, your partners and suppliers, the Information Commissioners Office and possibly with the criminals too - we can advise on all of these areas. We will also be hard at work rebuilding your IT environment and recovering your data so that your organisation can continue to operate.

Real peace of mind comes from knowing that you can recover rapidly and effectively.

Outsource to the experts

Most organisations can’t hope to maintain an expert cybersecurity team of the scale and with the breadth of experience to deliver a SOC in-house. The technology moves very fast and a 24x7 service requires a large team of expensive people.

Outsourcing to the experts is the only sensible strategy.  Your clients, your staff and your insurers will thank you for it.

Our approach

Our UK-wide customer base spans a wide range of public, private and third sector organisations, which trust us to manage their protection against and recovery from cyber-attack. 

We start with a thorough assessment of your current security posture, designed to analyse your current security measures, identify vulnerabilities, and evaluate your unique risk profile. These insights allow you to make informed decisions, before we design a customised solution to make sure your cybersecurity investment is affordable, strategic and targeted.

SOC as a Service is the smart way to protect your organisation. Contact us to find out more, and arrange for a comprehensive assessment.  

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