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Cookie policy

How website visitor information is used.

By accessing the ITPS Website you agree to the below Cookie Policy and should you come back to the ITPS website you are, via continuing interest and access, clearly demonstrating a stated interest which shows you are in agreement with the cookie policy.

When you browse to the ITPS Website ITPS will / may collect information about your visit using cookies. You have the choice, via the browser controls and configuration to select a preference not to allow cookies – but (for those that do) ITPS is unable to deliver as good an experience as those who have selected to allow cookies.

Any data collected by cookies will not directly personally identify you.

Any data collected typically holds only general information about your computer settings and your Internet address (IP Address) ITPS then may hold information about your browser type, Windows 11, 10, 9, 8, … IOS, etc and computer type (PC or MAC), your browsing history in the ITPS site to locations you browsed to and timings on the Website.

ITPS do not sell or provide that data to anybody other than our marketing department and the company who manage our web site development and maintenance.

Browser Behaviour

By default the majority of software vendors and operating systems automatically accept cookies, unless you have changed that setting in the browsers options menu. So remember, unless you change the settings cookies will be accepted as a matter of course. Go to your browsers website for guidance on how to turn off/on cookies or call the ITPS Helpdesk for support.

We can facilitate use of “Do Not Track” and ITPS do not track or plant cookies when there is the presence of a Do Not Track browser selection.
Types of cookie that may be used by ITPS during your visit to the ITPS Website – the following cookie types exist in the ITPS website:

Analysis Cookies

Cookies that record how our website’s viewers reached the site (the path) and the route taken as they move around the Website. This is used so that we can count the total number of visitors and show us which types of ITPS products and service they are interested in. it is possible for those that have opted into such cookie tracking to opt out

Personalisation Cookies

Cookies that recognise repeat visitors / the route you take to get to ITPS / what you have accessed/viewed/read, any specific services you have selected, forms you have completed and your path through the ITPS website sections and pages.

Third-Party Service Cookies

Our Facebook and Twitter accounts use third party services (Facebook and Twitter) in which case they may have their own cookies and privacy policy which may be different to that of ITPS, please familiarise yourselves with their policies by visiting their websites.

Information Collected

Users of our web site can visit the site without revealing their identity or providing information about themselves.

We collect information directly from users when they voluntarily submit their personal information to us.

At certain parts of our web site, we may provide the opportunity for users to register for an event or order goods, join a mailing list or request information.

When this sort of information is collected we will provide the reason for collection and how the information will be used. We reserve the right to add to this list of opportunities available to our users to interact with us. It is completely up to users to provide us with their personal information.

Although presently cookies are not used on this web site, the forum reserves the right to use cookies in the future. A ‘cookie’ is a small text file which collects browser information. Users of the Investors Forum web site will be notified of any change.

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