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Data and analytics

Let us help you automate manual processes, understand the power and opportunities of your data and embark on custom web development projects to transform your business.

Your data contains a vast amount of invaluable insight about equipment, staff, products and customers, revealing trends and behaviours that support good business decisions. But you’re probably also storing dark data, and data that has no value, which is spending money and using power that could be saved. But how do you sort out which is which?

Estimates vary, but the average organisation’s data might be 50-60% dark, 20-30% duplicate, obsolete or trivial. Which means only 10-20% is valuable.

Storage and management of your data represents a security, compliance and regulatory challenge too, including the GDPR responsibilities of only keeping data for as long as necessary.

Trying to determine how to utilise your data to reduce cost and waste, and offer new and exciting value to your customers is no longer the future. The technology and skills are here now. Data governance, systems integration, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) all have a role to play. Organisations are looking for new value and innovation in these areas, but finding the right people with the right skills is a challenge.

Digital Vision

Digital Vision integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into existing camera systems, delivering a wide range of additional insights and useful information. By extending and enhancing traditional CCTV it improves automation and monitoring and minimises human input, creating benefits and efficiencies across any type and size of organisation.

Part of the computer vision field of AI, this solution enables your cameras to not only see, but to observe, understand and learn from information.


Choosing the right partner and platform can connect data, insights, and action that make your organisation more successful. Our mix of in-house skills and partnerships means we can deliver on any project required to help you provide more value to your customers.

We’re big data handling and transmission specialists, using the latest tools to integrate and connect to huge data lakes. We have the expertise and processing power to help you store, manage, share and report on highly sensitive content.  

Whether it’s identifying the value in your data, establishing the right problems to solve, obtaining the data you need, transmitting and storing the data, displaying actionable insights or managing the response to any outputs from that data, our experts can support you in every step of that process.

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