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Data centre

Host your equipment in our data centre - it's more resilient, more secure, and has a 40% smaller carbon footprint

Using our purpose-built private data centre has many advantages over housing your IT on your own premises. Your power usage and carbon footprint will almost certainly be lower, your power will be more resilient, and your physical and cyber security will be enhanced. You’ll also benefit from our team of highly skilled and experienced experts who’ve got your back.  

On average, equipment on our customers’ premises has a power ratio of x2, so uses twice as much power - largely for cooling and lighting - as the basic equipment consumes. This ratio is known as the PUE: Power Usage Effectiveness. The average UK data centre operates at a PUE of 1.6. Our data centre operates at a world class PUE of 1.2. Simply moving one server from your premises to ours could reduce its carbon footprint by 40%. 

And we have the network bandwidth to connect your organisation to its systems resiliently and cost-effectively, whether as a primary or as a backup location. We are directly connected to the internet and all major public cloud providers across resilient fibre links. 


Your success depends on the secure availability of your systems and data. Which means working with a partner who can deliver a highly secure and resilient IT infrastructure, with expert support on hand 24/7. And deliver all of that at a transparent and predictable cost.


Our people have the experience and expertise to manage workloads across any combination of all environments, providing a seamless infrastructure which is continuously optimised for cost and performance.

If you own the equipment, it could be on your premises or in our North East ISO27001-certified data centre. Moving your equipment to our data centre could reduce its carbon footprint by 40% and provide a purpose-built, secure and resilient environment.

If you rent the capacity, it could be on our private cloud platforms or in the public cloud. Our private cloud provides 840 virtual machines for our customers, and handles nearly 1 petabyte of storage.

Our Tier 3 data centre and private Edge cloud platforms are directly connected to the internet, delivering significant management, performance and resilience benefits. We are a direct CSP with Microsoft too, giving high performance access to many public cloud applications.

We’ve helped hundreds of public and private sector organisations decide what combination of cloud solutions is right for their business. We’re recognised as cloud experts with unrivalled experience in public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Our clients know they are in safe hands with ITPS.

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As problem solvers, we work with all types and sizes of organisation, with a proven record of success across many sectors including public sector, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and not for profit. Speak to us today to find out how we can help you too!

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