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ITPS Kicks off 2023 Training Programme

Posted on: 12th January 2023

At ITPS we’re committed to supporting all our people in achieving their professional goals through ongoing training and development. This week we kicked off our new management development training programme with two sessions at our city-centre satellite office The Core, working with Unify Partnership to unlock the value of interpersonal interactions and the importance of self-awareness, with their Insights Discovery Personality Profile. This marks the first in a series of management development workshops throughout the year, which will cover topics such as communication, building relationships and coaching.

What is Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery offers a four-colour representation of a person’s personal style, combining their values, beliefs, experiences, and perceptions to create a profile of how the individual approaches situations, relationships, and communication. In fostering a deeper level of self-awareness, the person can discover and consider personal strengths and weaknesses, what they mean to their management style and the steps they can take towards more positive interactions throughout the business and beyond.

Split across two sessions for our team, the first encouraged group discussion around the theory of Insights and behavioural psychology, the importance of emotional intelligence and the perception and understanding of opposite types with the second session revealing a personalised team colour-wheel, focussing on the practical application of their enhanced understanding to their management roles, and to the wider business.

The Business Benefits of Better Understanding

CEO Simon Newton said of Insights “I’m a great believer in the value of using frameworks like Insights to help individuals understand themselves and others better. The aim of this training is to build upon and improve our culture of mutual understanding, communication and teamwork.”

Joanne O’Leary, HR Representative and facilitator of the session, added “For me Insights was life changing, it helped me understand my personality and my preferences and find new, positive ways of interacting with people around me. Learning what makes me tick was fascinating, and I was able to apply it to my professional relationships immediately”.

As well as initiatives like the management development programme, ITPS offers individual training and development opportunities to all our team members. This ranges from technical development through accredited courses with leading providers such as Microsoft and Cisco, to investing in young people through our apprenticeship scheme, to having a team of qualified mental health first aiders.

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