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Posted on: 15th August 2022

The Client

Our customer is a UK name commercial chancery barrister covering a wide range of legal specialisations, and its Members of Chambers extend as far as the Caribbean and the Far East. The highly sensitive nature of its operations and the reach of its stakeholders meant a convenient and flexible cybersecurity training solution was essential. 


The Challenge

Our brief was to meet a need for cybersecurity awareness, and up to date, relevant cybersecurity training for stakeholders using a multitude of platforms, located across the world. The prime requirement was to protect users’ devices, company systems, and the absolute integrity and confidentiality of data.

Our Solution

Our team delivered a CybSafe deployment including Cybsafe’s Certified Security Awareness Training. This involved providing National Cyber Security Centre and Chartered Institute of Information Security-certified training designed to train individuals and influence future behaviour.

Our work made sure cybersecurity foundation steps were properly addressed and good habits were instilled in users. Role and industry specific training was delivered in bite-sized, convenient iterations of interactive content. This included nine threat-based core modules plus behaviour-based assessments, all adding up to make the user more adaptive and aware of modern threats. 

The Outcome

We delivered a scaleable, flexible solution through a web-based portal, so users can now complete training and education wherever they are, and on whatever device. As well as meeting the key aim of intelligently protecting the business and its users, it gives internal stakeholders the ability to balance their work and home life with their training, for optimum workplace efficiency.


As problem solvers, we work with all types and sizes of organisation, with a proven record of success across many sectors including public sector, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and not for profit. We look forward to finding out how we can help you too.

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