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The PSTN Switch Off: Everything you need to know!

Posted on: 15th May 2023

What’s happening?

The UK is moving away from the old analogue telephone network to ensure all customers and businesses are using fully digital services.

This is to make sure that the infrastructure can keep up with modern demands.

When is it happening?

It’s happening already. BT announced this back in 2017, and the switch over will be complete in 2025.

You can find out more about this here and information on when your area may be impacted here

What will be impacted?

Anything that uses the analogue network will need upgrading. This could be:

  • Fax machine connection
  • Intruder or fire alarm systems
  • Emergency lift telephones
  • Analogue dial up modems
  • Remote access for maintenance support
  • Franking machines


Don’t leave it too late, December 2025 will be when this is complete, but it’s a phased switch off so your area could be switched off before this date.

How can ITPS help?

Our team has decades of experience in delivering complex, challenging projects that help our clients do business better. As a Microsoft direct CSP, Dell Gold partner and Cisco Premier Provider, we have everything you need to update any systems you have before the switch off.

To talk to us about the PSTN switch off, speak to your account manager or contact us.

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