Will you cope if disaster strikes

It’s not if, it’s when

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The rise in remote working and ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) means organisations have never been more at risk from accident, attack and simple human error.

Downtime is expensive, and 74% of businesses recently rated unplanned IT outages as the biggest perceived threat to their survival.

We understand the pressure on businesses to encourage collaboration, balance security with opportunity, and safely accommodate ‘anywhere, anytime and from any device’ access by their staff.

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Collaboration and Innovation

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Web technology helps to extend your reach and productivity, but at the same time can leave you vulnerable to risk.

Almost 80 percent of security breaches come from inside an organisation, whether that is deliberate or accidental. It’s not an option to lock everything down – it would keep you safe but stifle the collaboration and innovation that drives your business. We are experts in creating and deploying security solutions that meet your own company policies and the industry regulatory framework you operate within, whether that is financial services, health, emergency services or any other.

Our business and our suite of Tier 3 data centres are certified to ISO27001:2013, which is your guarantee of security excellence, and a team that will apply decades of technical knowledge and experience of complex security requirements in protecting your business.

Security Experts

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  • External security
  • Data leakage
  • Email encryption
  • Spam and antivirus
  • Email archiving

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