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A Brief Introduction

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Winn Solicitors is a specialist solicitor offering a nationwide, award-winning accident and personal injury management service. Personal recommendations make up around 30% of its business, and it typically converts cases in a third of the time of its average competitor.

Employing 300 people across two sites, the £45m award-winning business aims to grow its UK presence through an ambitious programme of new services lines and acquisitions.

Will you cope if disaster strikes

The Challenge

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With over 200 users who require access to the core applications seven days a week, the IT infrastructure needs to be highly available. The cost of each hour the systems are unavailable has been put at between £40,000k and £45,000k.

ITPS was invited in to discuss a requirement for support services and a technology partnership, pitching against the current incumbent. Winn Solicitors wanted to work with a technology partner who would not only deliver the level of support they required, but would work together to provide a technology roadmap in line with their business strategy.

ITPS Approach

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The initial requirement was for an additional layer of support, specifically delivering a third line service to dovetail with the in-house IT team, and handle high priority escalation-type incidents.

The Winn management team took confidence from the breadth and depth of technical expertise displayed by ITPS, and its tailored approach, which included a support contract tailored to exclude hardware cover, as extended manufacturer warranties were already in place. ITPS expanded the network topology from point to point, layer two into a layer three design by adding in separate links to two of its ISO27001-certified data centres and creating two-way links between each of four separate locations. This provides better scaleability and performance and means that if the link between the two Winn Solicitors sites should be lost, the systems and data traffic automatically re-routes to another circuit.


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The second stage of the partnership saw Winn start a programme of investment to improve its infrastructure in the WAN, co-location, managed backup, wireless, BYOD and storage. The in-house and ITPS teams worked together on a set of objectives which included developing a new infrastructure to achieve high availability, easily integrate new offices and acquisitions, promote agile working, and strengthen business continuity.

Winn’s original infrastructure was designed around a heavy on-premise footprint, with hardware held in two separate offices, and data replicating between the two sites. Although there were two separate links provided by two ISPs, both used the same circuit which meant that if for instance the road was dug up and the connection broken, both links would go down.

The new structure successfully met the brief to eliminate single points of failure, create high availability, strengthen business continuity and disaster recovery arrangements, and allow the in-house team to add new offices to the network with very little effort.

Will you cope if disaster strikes

The ITPS Difference

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While servers and SANS are still held onsite at Winns offices, the next infrastructure refresh will see this assessed, replaced where necessary, and potentially relocated to the ITPS data centre, should it be decided that the move is a good fit for the business.

Because ITPS built the network architecture so it can be physically located anywhere, tand virtual ethernet extensions provide low latency links of sub-5 millisecond, the hardware could be moved to the data centre with minimum fuss and without needing to use national ethernet connections.

ITPS Account Director David Bradbury summed up the relationship: “We were pleased to have been able to work alongside Winn’s in-house team to deliver high availability, remove potential single points of failure and protect the business with a robust business continuity structure.

“The result has been that Winn now gets maximum value from its IT investment.”

David Bradbury

ITPS Account Director at ITPS

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