Managing Multiple Mobile Locations


A Brief Introduction

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As housing solutions specialists we understand the problems IT Directors / Managers face in managing thousands of homes, multiple locations and a mobile workforce.

Read on for more details of how we work with our partner Orchard Systems, the UK’s largest independent provider of housing and financial management solutions, to help you ensure secure, high availability of systems, data and devices. To detail this case study, we’ve gotten in touch with our long standing client Home Group; having 3,500 staff and managing 55,000 homes across 200 local authorities.

Will you cope if disaster strikes

The Challenge

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Its IT challenges included making computing more agile and resilient, slashing the risk of service interruptions, reducing costs and improving productivity.

Needing a platform that could meet its needs for the next five years, Home Group opted for a move from on-premise to a data centre model using our Tier 3, ISO27001-certified data centres.


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The new Cisco FlexPod solution provides an easy-to-manage, best-in-class infrastructure stack with cooperative multi-vendor support and a single point of contact.

Twin FlexPod systems, configured as a MetroCluster at the main Home Group site and two of the ITPS data centres several miles away, ensure the business never stops. They run VMware vSphere, Oracle ERP, Microsoft SharePoint, and other business apps. Operating seamlessly across both locations, complex application-based configuration isn’t required.

Will you cope if disaster strikes

The ITPS Difference

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This creates a geographically separated, clustered environment that makes maintenance simple.

The IT team can easily switch server workloads across data centres so users get the latest information and tools, and new services can be created in minutes. As part of a wider change program that includes the solution, savings of around £950,000 are expected.

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