A Brief Introduction

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Corporate facilities management company Anabas provides specialist support to 100 sites across the UK, with a staff team of 300, and 80% of its clients based in London and the South East.

Its in-house IT team is responsible for ensuring technology evolves alongside the growing business, and for providing support to the client base.

Will you cope if disaster strikes

The Challenge

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In 2014 the company was hampered by a slow and poorly configured ICT infrastructure hosted by a third party. Outages were common and the business took the decision to review its arrangements.

IT Manager Michael Kent explains more: “When we went out to tender ITPS won the work thanks to an approach that offered the facility that best ticked our boxes and offered the best value for money. Having worked with ITPS in a previous role our decision was backed up by the knowledge that they would be able to provide the required stability and robustness that the company needs to run day-to-day, whilst at the same time allowing me the flexibility to run our environment in the most efficient way for our business.

ITPS Approach

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The team helped us make the smooth move from a fully outsourced, inflexible environment to a model hosted in ITPS’s Tier 3, ISO27001-certified data centre. We started by moving a relatively small environment, switching from using a set of physical servers to a full new virtual infrastructure over a single weekend. This went extremely smoothly and the majority of our staff were unaware this even took place.

Following the build of the new environment we also migrated the company’s mail back in to our own hosted Exchange server, which other than a couple of small issues has been running perfectly for the last couple of years, saving the company a significant amount of money in the process. As well as providing an offsite hosted service, ITPS now support us with core applications, security, backup and support and maintenance services.


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Since we started working together ITPS have helped Anabas in a number of small ‘value add’ projects providing minor system tweaks and additional features to our staff, which have all helped improve productivity and provide a safer and more robust working environment.

When we relocated our head office in 2016 it made sense to review our phone system at the same time. We went out to tender for a VoIP solution, and as ITPS was already providing our comms lines and hosting our infrastructure, plus their quotation was the best on offer, it made complete sense for them to provide this facility too.

We have had this installed for several months, with no issues, and the service and features have been excellent.

Will you cope if disaster strikes

The ITPS Difference

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ITPS now works very closely with us and we get good, straightforward advice from a partner we trust. They have done an extremely good job and always been very helpful when their assistance has been required.

I know that if I want a second opinion on a high level tech issue, or if I’m unavailable and a colleague has a query, any of our team can just pick up the phone or email the ITPS helpdesk and get a professional response.

“ITPS have played a key role in transforming our entire ICT infrastructure. The difference has been amazing. User complaints have dropped significantly and our ICT now simply does what it says on the tin.”

Michael Kent

IT Manager, Anabas

Get In Touch

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