If you’re looking for a more efficient approach to managing your IT, a managed services model could be just the job.

Whatever the size and type of your organisation, your IT staff need to be highly skilled, multi-disciplinary teams, up to speed with technology developments and capable of working at a senior level to create and implement long term IT strategies that line up with business goals, as well as handling day to day issues and troubleshooting problems.

As IT becomes more complex and organisations continue to digitise processes across the board, an increasing number of them are choosing to work with expert managed services IT providers.

The benefits are clear

A flexible model, having high levels of expertise across a range of disciplines and sectors on hand, and the ability to achieve more from the budget are just a handful of the advantages that are making managed services into the ‘go to’ solution.

The beauty of managed services is that it’s not an ‘all or nothing’ scenario, and nor does it involve you relinquishing any control over your IT. It’s a really easy way of allowing a partner organisation to handle as much or as little of your IT requirements as you need, while you stay in control of both the model and the service level.

Your IT partner bears all the investment and maintenance burden of providing highly secure, resilient networks via high capacity UK-based data centre infrastructures complete with workspace recovery facilities, and you reap all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

The trend for IT to be delivered on an ‘everything as a service’ model has massively accelerated the take up rate of managed services, and not just among large corporates. It is an increasingly popular choice for smaller organisations that need expert advice and a partner who has the capability and experience to contribute strategic input to the business, bringing insight and new ideas to the table that will boost performance and ROI, as well as looking after day to day support and infrastructure.

Managing your own IT can at best be a drain on resources, and at worst can actually be holding your business back. Switch to a managed service model and you could be benefitting from predictable costs, a guaranteed service level agreement, proactive support and expert help in creating a future-proof IT road map for your business.

Choose wisely and your managed services partner can make sure you have a secure, highly available IT infrastructure, while you get on with growing your business.