Here at ITPS we are continually reinforcing our commitment to continuous training and support, particularly for newly-promoted staff, and we recently teamed up with a specialist in emotional intelligence coaching.

Our 130-strong team services a national client base, and when a series of recent promotions from technical to consultancy roles highlighted particular soft skills gaps, we turned to Paul Cheetham, owner of North East-based Eight Coaching, for specialist support.

“Staff are at the heart of our business, and a great deal of our success rests on their skills and competencies. We aim to support them all the way through their career,” said Samantha Heppell, Head of HR at ITPS.

“One of our core aims is to promote from within where possible, which means investing in continuous development of our team. We put as much emphasis on soft skills such as emotional intelligence as we do on technical and core skills, to make sure we support people who are newly promoted to go on and make their new role a success.

“Paul’s specialist area of organisational, team and individual coaching around emotional intelligence meant that he was the ideal fit, particularly for staff on our Leadership programme.”

The contract involves Paul delivering training that helps people blend thinking and feeling to achieve better outcomes for themselves and others. The programme allows people to practice competencies in real-life settings and review their progress, with the end aim of improving their personal performance and effectiveness, at work and in other aspects of their life.

“ITPS’s in-house learning and development team had created a full development programme to support newly promoted people into their new role,” said Paul.

“As part of that programme they were looking for something different that complemented other skills development activities, and they felt that emotional intelligence provided the missing piece.

“Although emotional intelligence has been around for 30 years, it still feels relatively new in terms of being established in business, but I am convinced we will see it become an commonplace skill requirement in the next few years, with scientific research showing that it has twice the power of IQ to predict performance.”