More often than not we read quotes about travelling the world and wish it was that easy. “I’d never get the time off”, “I’d come back jobless”, and all the other doubts fill our minds. But what if you were in a job where your visions and dream were supported?

At ITPS, we offer our people the flexibility to achieve their ambitions while having the peace of mind that they won’t be left in the lurch on your return. Our very own Kevin Flint, who has been a dedicated and hard-working employee with us for over 18 years, is leaving us to backpack his way around the globe.

Here’s his story…

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role in the company…

I started working for ITPS on 1st July 2000  when the company was first set up. I started as a cabling engineer travelling the country installing networks for our customers. After a few years I progressed within ITPS and I moved into our data centre as an engineer, managing our customers who had hosting solutions with ITPS as well as maintaining the data centre environment.

When the Unified Communications department was set up to help clients integrate all their voice, video, data and mobile applications into one cost effective and efficient platform, I was drafted in and subsequently  appointed Unified Communications Team Leader,  the position I still hold today. I manage the day to day running of the department, arranging installations and making sure our customers receive the best possible support.

  1. What has made you want to leave on sabbatical and travel the world?

My wife and I were looking to book a holiday in Cuba and accidently came across a hotel in Thailand which we eventually booked and fell in love with. We booked again the following year to travel to Thailand but decided to only book our flights, and  source our own accommodation in different parts of the country. This  gave us the first taste of travelling, as we used all methods of transport imaginable, and from then the seed was planted.

  1. Has it been easy to arrange the trip with the company?

ITPS have been absolutely fantastic and so supportive of my decision. Others before me have taken up to 3 months off for similar adventures but I am the first person to take a whole 6 months, and given that I hold a management role I was delighted when the directors assured me that my job would be safe for when I return. It just goes to show how flexible they are and if you work hard enough here, anything is possible.

  1. What is it you enjoy most about being part of the team at ITPS?

It’s 100% the people here. There is a great togetherness throughout the departments and I have made some lifelong friends working here.

  1. What would you say to anyone looking to apply for a job at the company?

I think if you look at the staff who currently work from ITPS, you’ll see lots of others that have worked here for a long time, which speaks volumes. On my return from travelling I’ll be entering my 20th year at ITPS and I’m not alone in having  been here for that length of time. We have great fun outside of the office on a regular basis too, from nights out to team events.

  1. How did you begin planning for the trip and has it been hard?

We had a ball park figure of how much it would cost for flights around the world then eventually we decided on a list of places and decided that six months would be enough to visit them all. We follow lots of travel bloggers and we’ve picked up some amazing tips and places to visit whilst in the countries we are going to that are simply not well known – all of which have been noted in journals.

  1. How long will your trip take and where have you planned to go?

We plan to travel for six months and we will be starting in India for three weeks. Following India, we will be travelling East, flying into Bangkok, Thailand. We arrive early morning in Bangkok and need to catch a train which will take us into Cambodia. Vietnam follows Cambodia. A brief visit back to Thailand is after Vietnam before we enter Malaysia then into Singapore.

We fly out of Singapore to the Philippines then move south into Indonesia. We are spending Christmas in Bali then New Year on one of the small Gili Islands. We travel to Perth from Bali which will give us a chance to meet some family which we’ve never seen, then move to the East coast to Cairns where we’ll hire a car and travel the full East coast down to Melbourne.

From Melbourne we go to New Zealand then onto Hawaii before arriving in San Francisco. We will travel the west coast of USA from North to South in a convertible Mustang to San Diego before we fly to Miami for a short stay over, before flying back to the UK.

  1. Is there anywhere on that list that has been a real dream of yours to visit?

San Francisco definitely, I cannot wait to visit Alcatraz. I’ll also be doing my first sky dive whilst I’m in Hawaii, along with swimming with sharks – without cages.

From all of us at ITPS, Kevin, we wish you the best of luck.